Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back With The Ker-ay-zee News!

It is not just crazy right now, it is ker-ay-zee!

By following the above link, you will find an article about a Catholic nurse forced to help perform a late-term abortion. Now, doubtless you will all be saying, "Ah! So it begins! The violation of conscience clauses, the beginning of an official persecution against Catholics! She will never win the lawsuit and it will set a dangerous precedent!"

And, who knows, you might even be right.

But this is not what I am here to talk about. Of course, this does show a dangerous level of "we don't give two hoots about your religious beliefs; we want you to carve up babies!" prevalent in this fine nation of ours (note; the term "fine nation" is used mostly in a retrospective manner because, lest we forget, this "fine nation" currently allows the killing of babies legally, something previously only practiced by pre-Columbian cannibalistic empires, high levels of Classical Greek society who believed in a pantheon of gods closer to The Young and the Restless than the Bible, and overpopulated naked mole rat warrens.) The fact this nurse is forced into murder against her wishes under threat of losing her job and license and prosecution is worrying and shocking and a bad thing. But I am not here to talk about that.

President Barack Obama (who, under the advice of my lawyers, I do not describe as a baby-killing monster unable to go to the bathroom without a press corps and a teleprompter) is pushing a health care plan through Congress. Congress, if you remember from your civics lessons, is a bicameral house which seeks re-election. It is a slow, bloated monster and it produces law, which is kind of like sausage but harder to cook.

Anyway, health care legislation is winding its way through the bowels of government like something which winds its way through bowels. And this legislation includes a whole bunch of stuff which Catholics don't like (abortion, contraception, etc. etc.) But this case, if it gets enough coverage, could be a spanner in the works. The removal of the conscience protection clause is part of his overall health-care package, even if it does not make it into this round of health-care legislation.

This case could attract attention and give a human face to the problem of conscience protection, and show it up for what it is. This is not a matter of there being no-one else to perform this horrible "surgery" - there were other nurses, but a supervisor forbade any of them being called! So, this isn't about someone wanting to make sure someone has an abortion - this is about liberals howling "We will make sure Catholics get their ugly papist hands bloody! Hahahaha! We attack the Church! We will bury your Church!"

Yeah. Napoleon said that, you liberal fools. And look what happened to him. He's buried in France.

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