Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Have Seen The Enemy . . . .

. . . and it is us!

No, this is not a case of Nietzschean abyss-gazing, nor indeed Confucian navel-gazing, nor indeed some kind of Captain Birdseye naval gazing (did you know Captain Birdseye was, in fact, a real captain? No? You learn something new every day.)

And what we learn today is that states with a higher proportion of Catholics tend to favor gay "rights".

Just as an aside, I - as a committed and fully-paid up Catholic male in full communion with the old German dude in the wicked hat in Italy - wish to state I fully support equal rights for homosexual men and women with regard to marriage. I believe gay men should have the same marriage rights as heterosexual men, and lesbians as heterosexual women. Yes, indeedie! I believe gay men should be allowed to marry women, just like heterosexual men are. And lesbian women should be allowed to marry men, just like heterosexual women can.

I mean, surely that is equal rights, right?

Ooooo, I think that's enough acerbic sarcasm for today. My doctor told me I have to avoid it.

In any case, this latest poll. Or study. Or whatever. Yes, indeed - it seems as if the states where there are the highest percentage of Catholics support so-called "gay marriage". The study does not report on whether or not they support square circles, liquid solids, or perpetual motion machines.

So, what do we make of this?

Well, firstly and most obviously; let's consider the (standard) methodology for determining who is "Catholic". If you say you are Catholic (as far as these studies are concerned) . . . you are Catholic. It doesn't matter if you never go to Mass or Confession, or if you believe anything the Church teaches or not - it is a totally self-defined label.

So, what does this study really tell us?

Our enemy is us, it is within. It is a cancer in the beating heart of the Church.

I know this is perhaps polemic, but this is true. Right now, a majority of Catholics voted for Barack Obama (who, it appears, can also self-label himself as "not-a-baby-killing-Communist" in much the same way). This is disturbing, given the fact Barry O is, in fact, a wee bit anti-Catholic and opposed to the teachings of the Church.

So, bottom line? The Catholics in the pew (or, perhaps, not in the pew but on the rolls) are, generally-speaking, wishy-washy and soft on the teachings of the Church.

Solution? Why - it is down to us! Good Catholics, strong Catholics, kick-posterior Catholics! Yes, we need to go to these people (it is very simple - you will find them all over the place, including at family reunions) and tell them they are wrong, why, and persuade them to think right!

Exciting, no?

And how do we do such a thing?

Why, we can start by subscribing to, the finest internet TV station there is, and registering for premium access. This gives you access to hours and hours and hours of excellent classes and information designed to turn you into a powerhouse of Catholic knowledge and persuasion!

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