Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Hokey Pelosi!

Obviously, this blog is mostly about abortion - but what many people don't realize (including, it seems, many people on The Hill) is that contraception leads directly to abortion. This is something which is explored in Humanae Vitae (a papal encyclical) but let me break it down for you if you are on your lunch break;

i) A lot of contraception is actually abortifaciant - so, leads to abortion right there
ii) Even when correctly used, contraception has a failure rate - and the two people already entered into sexual congress with each other thinking "I definitely don't want to have a child". Oh, look - the lady is pregnant! Now what do we do? Slice and dice and suck the baby out of the womb, I think! Leads to abortion there.
iii) Contraception creates a mentality which is wholly wrong - namely, that sex and conception are divorced from each other. And this leads to a world where people are surprised that women get pregnant after sex! Pregnancy becomes not a natural consequence of an action, but is looked at almost as some sort of disease or illness. And so people want to "cure" the problem.

Contraception leads to more things, too (divorce, breakdown of the family, violence against women, pornography, sexualization of our culture etc. etc.) Check out the encyclical.

ANYWAY - today's wonderful blog post! Sen. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has now come out with the superb idea (note sarcasm) of stimulating the economy by encouraging contraception and "family planning". Hey, I only just noticed something - you can call genocide "family planning" and no-one minds. Man, Hitler should have thought of that!

Oh, wait - he did.

Anyway (how many times can I use "anyway" to get back on topic?) Sen. Pelosi has said that stopping babies being born will be good, because - get this - babies cost money. They cost the money earned and generated and made by adult workers, so let's not have babies. Because, as all men of learning know, babies never grow up to be adult workers.

Do we see the flaw in this argument?

Anyway (three) here is the great video we made about it;

Funny as this video is, it address a VERY serious issue. Abortion and contraception kill future workers, customers and all those wonderful things that keep capitalism going! When I studied economics under Andrew Lagdon (who I guess must have retired by now) back in the 1990s I was taught that there were FOUR things which capitalism needed to function;

i) Capital - that is, MONEY! $$$$$$$$$ The Greenback! Ol' Mighty Dolla!
ii) Land - that is, raw materials (so, iron ore, coal, oil, fish - stuff like that)
iii) Entrepreneurs - that is, clever guys and girls with a cool idea and the go-get-'em attitude to go-get-it. So, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, etc.
iv) LABOR - that is, the workers. PEOPLE. Human beings, Nancy! Those squishy pink things!

You can't just rip a quarter of the system out and hope it to work! You NEED labor or capitalism collapses! Sheesh, look at the Commies - they survived with virtually no raw materials or money because they had PEOPLE! The Soviets and the Chinese Communists - managed to eke along because they had loads of people!

And you want to contracept and abort them, Nancy?

I don't know if Sen. Pelosi is actually personally opposed or not - but I do know that she claims to want to help the economy. And what she is suggesting here is not only morally abhorrent, but is economic suicide!

For more information on this subject, check out our video "The Cost of Abortion" available on the Premium Channel of under the "Spotlight" section. If you have not already got a premium account, you can subscribe today for only $10 a month!

Kill your future workers. Wow, that's a good one. Did you think of that all yourself? Next time, maybe talk to an economist, Senator. There is a reason they don't decide who they are by voting - they have skills.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"We only have 1.2 million customers . . .

. . . and most of them are repeat customers, but we still need a bail-out!"

That seems to be what the abortion industry is saying. Now, regardless of your personal views on the various "bailouts" and "economic stimulus packages" and TARPs and so forth currently going through Congress, you have to admit that only businesses in serious need should get money (if anyone should get it at all).

A business which is only GROWING, has 1.2 million customers a YEAR and who ALREADY gets government support (i.e. your tax dollars!) shouldn't be going to Washington to get more money.

And yet, it seems as if they are.

Alright, how does that work, then? Economically, you are in a great position - you have 4000 customers a day. You don't have to bother with pesky things like liability insurance (because you are TRYING to kill your patients) and you are government funded. Perhaps this is why the abortion industry kills so many mothers each year - because "it's close enough for government work"?

And yet you STILL want more? I would call that greedy.

ANYWAY - click the above link! Click the above link and find out how you can write to your elected representatives to urge them to block this legislation and (at the very least) not give Planned Parenthood ("Baby Murders R Us" as they are sometimes known) and the rest of their ilk MORE money.

Remember; President Obama wants to reduce abortions. Well, I think that him blocking this Bill (or at least using his influence to remove the pro-abortion aspect of it) would be a good way of doing that.

Lest we forget; the government pays for abortions. So, if we can pay for LESS of them, then less will happen! That is simple logic! If President Obama really wants to reduce abortions, perhaps he should start by stopping paying for them to happen!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hopefully we'll be surprised

Astute readers will remember that (then) Senator Barack Obama promised that the "first thing he would do" when he was President was sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) into law.

Thankfully, this was just another one of his lies. But, it is probably the case that he will sign it into law just as soon as he can - which is depressing. We hope we will be surprised and he won't sign it into law; but I think that - if he gets the chance to - he will.

FOCA is an act which is . . . well, this video (albeit rather basic and primitive) explains it very well. This video was found on YouTube.

FOCA is an act which will establish a legal right to abortion at any time for any reason. It removes ALL things that can be used to reduce abortion.

Remember! President Obama says that i) he is for reducing abortions and ii) that he wants to remove all restrictions. These are two positions which normal human beings would normally say are incompatible, that a person who holds one cannot hold the other. Or, that a person who says that he holds both is simply a miserable liar with the common decency of a worm (apologies to any vermiform creatures reading this blog with their little wormy eyes for likening your morality to President Obama's).

(Note - this blog's reference to President Obama's morality is used under advisement. It is not intended to necessarily imply that such a thing exists and / or bears any resemblance to what we might call morality.)

Perhaps someone can tell me how this works? President Obama says that he wants to reduce abortions . . . and yet wishes to remove all restrictions on abortions! Precisely HOW does he intend to reduce abortions without making them harder to get? He is making something he wants to be less common easier to get hold of . . . look, I don't understand it. Can anyone explain it to me WITHOUT simply saying that President Obama is a simple flat liar?

If you want to see more information about FOCA - and President Obama's support of it - why not check out this video on our website?

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All Catholics need to fight FOCA - and it is going to be very difficult, and we might not win. But we have to try.

If you have any ideas of how we can fight it, or you have news stories, reports, videos or anything of the sort to be included in "Personally Opposed But ...." - We're waiting to hear from you!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Friend Jeff

My friend Jeff is awesome. He trawls the internet for cool pro-life news stories (and, it must be said, for stories which aren't pro-life, but which are about life issues). You will be hearing a lot from Jeff throughout this blog, as Jeff saves me a lot of time by finding stories and interesting things for me.

As is the case here - previously, I mentioned the reversal of the so-called "Mexico City" policy and linked to a BBC article. Well, I am British! But Jeff found an article on the same subject from a newspaper closer to home. It's a different look at the same horrible story.

Once again, I just don't understand. How is it, Mister President, that you say you want to REDUCE abortions - but then you are providing federal funds to people who perform them and advise people to have them? I just don't get it - you are, basically, using government money to advertise something you say you want to reduce.

I just don't understand it. Can anyone explain how he can want to reduce abortions, yet within a week of being elected is using YOUR money to encourage abortions? Explain it without saying he's a miserable liar who doesn't care about reducing abortions, and just wants to keep the pro-abortion wing of his party happy. I thought of that myself!

Jeff also found this article while exploring the Freep - the Vatican criticises President Obama's decision. There is nothing very surprising or controversial in that - but it is good to know that the Vatican are taking an interest in what is going on in the USA!

And in other Vatican news (although not specifically pro-life news), the Vatican now has its own YouTube site! It's very cool - check it out. Some great videos there.

BUT - we have to say; sorry, Pope Benedict - but we had a video site before you did! Obviously, ours doesn't have your star power - but we like to think we have some pretty cool stuff. Why not check us out - Registration is FREE for daily news and commentary, and the premium service (which gives you literally HUNDREDS of hours of high-quality Catholic programming) is only $10 a month!

Friday, January 23, 2009

"Mexico City" policy reversed

Well, it had to happen sometime.

President Barack Obama has, after repeatedly promising during his campaign rhetoric to take actions which will reduce abortions, has now rolled back the so-called "Mexico City" policy - which restricts what federal money can be used for. Specifically, President Obama now allows the use of federal funds to pay for abortions overseas.

Maybe I am just obtuse, but how does this help reduce abortions? Unless by "reduce abortions" he means "make the number of USA abortions look smaller by making something else bigger"? You know - that never worked when I was a kid; when I messed up my brother's room my parents never thought that my room was tidy.

It just seems to me that this policy is basically the USA going into foreign countries and paying them to kill their children. That seems a little, well . . . harsh. Bloodthirsty, you might say.

Anyway, we have a great little video about a related topic! So, why not check it out?

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