Thursday, August 20, 2009

Take Care, Agent DiNozzo . . .

It is not news to anyone that I am a fan of N.C.I.S. Nor is it a great reveal that my favorite character is Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, the Italian-American ex-Baltimore homicide 'tec who is Senior Field Agent on the Major Crimes Squad. He is played by Michael Weatherly, and is pretty awesome.

Why is this relevant? It's not - but N.C.I.S. returns to our screens in September! And I have been in communication with an Italian-American gentleman today and I want to talk about him, but not use his real name. So, in honor of Agent DiNozz0, I am going to call him "Tony".

Tony wrote to us here at with some information about why Barack Obama is a bad man. This is, if you will forgive the analogy, like Agent DiNozzo giving Agent Gibbs tips on sniping.

Okay - no more N.C.I.S. inside-jokes. I promise.

Anyway, in this email exhange he maintained Obama was a Muslim etc. etc. I called him on this, and pointed out it is not okay to tell lies about someone even if they are a baby-killing freak! Seriously, people.

The conversation continued - and ultimately got into the realm where I asked him what his views on contraception were because he had complained the Catholic Church did not do enough to stop abortion. I pointed out we support ALL aspects of the culture of life, not MERELY the obvious and easy ones.

Basically, it came down to this - Tony supports contraception. In case you (and Tony) didn't know, contraception causes abortions. Yes, that is right - the Pill kills babies. It works in a number of ways to prevent "conception" - and one of those ways is to actually kill the fetus after conception but before anyone notices it.

Hint, Tony - killing someone and having no-one notice is still murder. You should have learned this in Baltimore!

I pointed this out to him, telling him that his fight against the culture of death was laudible, but that his approach was wrong.

Firstly, it is inconsistent. Assuming he is in a marriage and his having sex at the usual rate for Americans and his wife is on the Pill .... he is abortion 1.8 children a year. He is killing nearly 37 of his children over a 25 year marriage on the Pill (allowing for the normal length of time off the Pill to have three children). That is pretty scary - and makes a mockery of his rejection of abortion. That would be like Agent DiNozzo saying "I will investigate the murder of Navy personel, but not Marines. Because Marines don't count." It simply renders what you are doing ludicrous - you condemn abortion performed with a scalpel and suction device, but not chemicals? Whiskey-Tango-Delta? (What The Deuce?)

Secondly, it is self-defeating. Tony's view was that we can do pretty much anything provided it beats Obama! So, we can lie, slander, spread falsehoods, exagerate, supress the truth, whatever we please and we get a pass on this because we are doing it for the greater good!

This is "the ends justify the means". It is a faulty moral principle. Closer to the truth would be "the means justify the ends". That is; if you fight a good and fair and honest fight it does not matter if you lose.

This is not something Tony seems to get (or Agent DiNozzi, who killed a Mossad agent while said Israeli was drunk . . .) Why are we fighting Barack Obama?

We are not fighting him to "preserve the American way of life". We are not fighting him to protect our taxes. We are not fighting him to defend our rights under any Amendment to the Constitution.

As Catholics, we fight him because he is opposed to the Church and if we do not fight the enemies of the Church we go to Hell! "Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel!" as Saint Paul said.

Our goal here is the salvation of souls - starting with ours! We do not get a pass on doing the right thing simply because our end goal is laudible.

He who fights with monsters must take care, lest he becomes a monster.

Aw, heck - let me be totally honest here; people - if you oppose abortion but support contraception you are a hypocrite, an idiot and are most likely going to Hell. If you think it is okay to lie and cheat to achieve a good end you were asleep during morality class, and are risking going to Hell.

Seriously, people - stand up and fight fair! Fight clean and nobly and decently! And fight the whole fight! Contraception does not just LEAD to abortion - IT IS ABORTION!

Think on that, Tony.

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