Monday, August 31, 2009

For Too Long You Have Interfered With Our Country, American!

There are sometimes when no foolish or silly pop-culture joke seems enough, or even warranted, or wanted, or appropriate.

Fortunately, this is not one of those times! Hey, as I always say - if you can't laugh .... you probably aren't very happy.

I am not very happy right now, but I feel laughter of the hysterical "This is a joke, righ? Right? Right? Please for the love of little green apples, tell me this is a joke!" school is called for.

Obama's website calls us "terrorists". No seriously, I mean that. It really does.

I was informed of this by a friend of mine whose name I shall not give out - because those of us in the terror business like to go by code names, you see. So, in honor and homage to a recent blockbuster movie, I shall refer to her only as The Baroness.

Now, the website linked above (and now, linked here) has quotations and screen captures from Barack Obama's website. When his website is visited, the content is not the same. This could be down to the content having been changed from the rhetoric which called those opposed to Obamacare "the heirs of Bin Laden" and contained references to "superhero karate chops" (no, seriously, I am not making this stuff up) or it could have been because Gateway Pundit doctored the screengrabs for sensationalism points.

In any case the actual, current content of the website is not much better. Unless Obama and his Obamaites have changed their website again, this webpage right here beyond the click refers to those opposed to Obamacare as "domestic terrorists" and likens supporting the healthcare plan to fighting back against the 9/11 attacks.

Alright, gloves off you little piece of slime. Gloves off.

We campaign to stop a healthcare plan which includes abortions, and you liken us to terrorists? You mention that 3000 died in the terrorist attacks on 9/11, but neglect to mention more than that die every single day from abortion? You call me a terrorist?

This is simply flatly insulting to those who have died in terrorist attacks. I have buried more friends than I care to mention because of brutal, barbaric attacks from the IRA (I am from England, in case people were unaware of that). I know what terrorism is - you have no idea, you jumped-up, grinning snake-oil salesman.

As a matter of interest, it is interesting to note that Ted Kennedy of unhappy memory supported both abortion and the goals of the IRA. So, that's several people I care about you supported the slaughter of, Senator. As I said earlier, I really hope you begged for forgiveness from God before you died.

But this is what we face - we face an enemy who calls those making peaceful demonstrations "terrorists", who accuses those expressing their democratic rights of subverting democracy, and likens those who try to defend the lives of the unborn to those who slaughter thousands.

This is the enemy we face. Never let any of their lies fool you - they are not for a woman's choice, or the rights of mothers, or "personally opposed" or any of that garbage. They are straight up, flat-out, monsters. I am incensed, and have possibly lost my temper.

Obama calls me a terrorist? No, Mister President - you don't need to be terrified of me. You need to be terrified of God - because He will have something to say to you concerning your lies and support of genocide.

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