Friday, September 11, 2009

A life which saved is lost

Today is, of course, the anniversay of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. On that day, just under 3000 people lost their lives in the Twin Towers. And among those 3000 or so were 343 NYC Firefighters. They were men who saved lives, and in attempting to do so that day they died. It is sad and depressing.

I like firefighters. I spent a while yesterday talking with a New York (not city, but upstate) firefighter about the faith. He is a good, solid champion of the faith - as well as being a brave man in uniform. I also enjoy watching the old Jack Webb TV show Emergency! with Randolph Mantooth as Johnny Gage. I am trying to decide which name (Randolph Mantooth or Johnny Gage) is more awesome. And I enjoyed a recent episode where Mark Harmon (Gibbs in NCIS) played an animal rescue cop who rescued a goat! Tell me that isn't fantastic.

But, to return to something more serious (I try levity, but it's hard) - on 9/11 men and women lost their lives because they were trying to save others from murderers. That is horrible and unfortunate, but it is the way of the world. A firefighter or a cop or a soldier knows when he or she puts on that uniform, he or she is stepping into a world where people are gonna shoot at you or buildings might fall on your head. That is brave and that is good, and I salute you all for it.

Nurses and doctors put on a uniform too. And they go to work to try to save lives. But they don't expect to get shot at. And, most of the time, they don't.

People who defend the lives of the unborn by being pro-life might not wear a uniform, but they carry banners and they stand out from the general crowd. And they try to save lives. And they don't expect to get shot either.

Today, one of them did. Citizens For A Pro-Life Society has a press release about it. Jim Pouillon was shot and killed today. A lot of people are claiming it was because he was pro-life and protecting the unborn, but I haven't seen any firm evidence of that. Still, he was a pro-lifer shot down while he was protecting life.

I guess you are just as dead either way.

So, Jim Pouillon. Shot by someone today - possibly as an anti-pro-life action, possibly just for meanness and cruelty, maybe they wanted to rob him or whatever. In any case, the world is colder for his passing. He fought to protect lives from murderers. He was a hero.

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