Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Significant Date

A significant date, which has passed us by almost without being noticed! Just goes to show; we are sometimes too busy working to stop and smell the roses.

So, what is today? Well, obviously, it is the first of September. And that marks a significant anniversary. It is (speaking personally) my three-year anniversary of living in the United States. But my personal views are not relevant (I only wish personal views were relevant to some politicians who are personally opposed to abortion!)

No, today is more significant because it is the one-year anniversary of the first videos on RealCatholicTV.com! Well, perhaps yesterday was the first anniversary - because we uploaded the videos early so people on early September 1st would have something to look at! Anyway, September 1st was the official launch day!

And, by an amazing co-incidence, we passed the arbitrary milestone of one thousand videos posted to the site today as well! Yes, one thousand videos! That, to my mind, is absolutely amazing - an average of nearly two and three-quarter videos a day, and all on a shoe-string budget.

So, raise a glass to RealCatholicTV.com - and, if you can, why not send us a birthday present? Make a donation to us today, or - if you haven't subscribed already - why not subscribe? It's only $10 a month, and you get access to wonderful, exclusive, premium programming with new programs being added every week.

We need cake. I call for cake. And some candles.

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