Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jeff has a challenger!

We all know of the fine man Jeff who writes to Senators to complain and also finds me news. Jeff is a good friend and a holy warrior for Christ.

Well, now we have Greg! Greg also writes to Senators to complain about their support of FOCA and abortion and other immoral practices. Greg is also in the fine State of Michigan, and so he wrote to Sen. Debbie Stabenow. Read below the reply Greg got back (my comments are in the fine color red);

Thank you . . .

. . for contacting me to express your views on the issue of abortion.

The issue of abortion is unquestionably the most difficult issue I have had to deal with during my years of service. I have struggled with all sides of the issue to determine not only what I personally believe, but, more important, what I should do as a legislator representing a diverse state of people who hold many different religious, moral and personal beliefs.

Abortion is a serious issue that has divided many sincere and honest people. Many believe that abortion is either absolutely right or absolutely wrong, (three of those people who thinks it would be wrong would be GOD, Senator!) while others feel it is acceptable only under certain limited conditions. Unfortunately, when the issue of abortion is debated in legislatures and in the Congress, representatives are often forced into choosing an absolute pro-abortion or anti-abortion stand. However, the questions I must decide as your Senator are not whether I am for or against abortion, but rather, what is the appropriate role of the government, and should government be making decisions about this intensely personal family matter.

Because of the diversity of perspectives and the intense personal nature of the abortion issue, I have taken the position that the choice of abortion is not a decision government should make or deny. (How do you square this with allowing abortions? Isn't that making a decision? Or do you just think it is the responsibility of government to allow people to do whatever they like to whomever they like?)

I also feel strongly that although it is not the proper role of government to decide whether abortion is right or wrong for individual families, the government does have some critical and important responsibilities as it relates to this issue. As a Senator and a mother, I have a personal and public commitment to those policies that support and sustain children in healthy and loving families.

As a country, we must do everything we can to provide support and encouragement to women who are pregnant and to promote responsible family planning when a woman does not want a child. ("Responsible" family planning is not having sex. Irresponsible family planning is murdering a child which already exists) Support services need to be available for pregnant teenagers and single mothers so they do not feel abortion is their only choice. We also need to provide better prenatal care, nutrition services, childcare, adoption programs, and economic opportunities for women. I believe that many women would not choose abortion if other help was available. (Is this why you have consistently supported legislation which makes it harder to get other help, Senator?)

I know that our country will continue to struggle and debate the abortion issue in the years ahead. As this debate goes on, I will continue to listen to and respect the views of others. I am hopeful that those who are divided by this issue can focus on areas of mutual agreement, because only by working together can we effectively strengthen and improve the lives of children and their families.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with me.

Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator

So, the upshot of Senator Stabenow's position? "Hey, it's not the government's job to decide what people should or should not do!" Wow, I thought you were a Democrat, not an arch-libertarian, Senator? Is that D in the title D-MI short for "dashed-extreme-libertarian"? Or is is perhaps that you just got the little scrabble letters in the wrong order and it should read DIM?

It's not the government's job to decide whether or not a woman should kill her child? So, is it the government's job to decide if I should pay my taxes? Or wear clothes in public? Or shoot people with red hair in the face?

Hey, I like this idea of government - well, not really, but hear me out. Basically, Sen. Stab-em-now (and suck out their brains . . .) seems to be saying that the role of government is not to govern. Given that the very name "government" means "that which governs" this means she is saying her job is obsolete! How much does a Senator earn? More than me, I'll bet!

Hey, hey! Debbie says her job isn't necessary! You know, in these harsh economic times, everyone is wanting to streamline! So, let's fire Debbie! She admitted her job isn't necessary - it isn't her place to make laws!

I think that if we fired her we should distribute the money saved to everyone who reads this fine blog! And with that money, people could subscribe to! And that would be awesome, because they would get access to literally hundreds of hours of high-quality Catholic video whenever they want it!

Fire Debbie! Subscribe now!

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