Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Friend Jeff

My friend Jeff is awesome. He trawls the internet for cool pro-life news stories (and, it must be said, for stories which aren't pro-life, but which are about life issues). You will be hearing a lot from Jeff throughout this blog, as Jeff saves me a lot of time by finding stories and interesting things for me.

As is the case here - previously, I mentioned the reversal of the so-called "Mexico City" policy and linked to a BBC article. Well, I am British! But Jeff found an article on the same subject from a newspaper closer to home. It's a different look at the same horrible story.

Once again, I just don't understand. How is it, Mister President, that you say you want to REDUCE abortions - but then you are providing federal funds to people who perform them and advise people to have them? I just don't get it - you are, basically, using government money to advertise something you say you want to reduce.

I just don't understand it. Can anyone explain how he can want to reduce abortions, yet within a week of being elected is using YOUR money to encourage abortions? Explain it without saying he's a miserable liar who doesn't care about reducing abortions, and just wants to keep the pro-abortion wing of his party happy. I thought of that myself!

Jeff also found this article while exploring the Freep - the Vatican criticises President Obama's decision. There is nothing very surprising or controversial in that - but it is good to know that the Vatican are taking an interest in what is going on in the USA!

And in other Vatican news (although not specifically pro-life news), the Vatican now has its own YouTube site! It's very cool - check it out. Some great videos there.

BUT - we have to say; sorry, Pope Benedict - but we had a video site before you did! Obviously, ours doesn't have your star power - but we like to think we have some pretty cool stuff. Why not check us out - Registration is FREE for daily news and commentary, and the premium service (which gives you literally HUNDREDS of hours of high-quality Catholic programming) is only $10 a month!

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