Monday, March 2, 2009


No, not a football reference (did I mention that I always liked American Football, even before I came to the USA? And even before I was an atheist teenager old enough to notice the pretty girls shaking their pom-poms?) - but rather a reference to the fact that Michael Voris has just returned from a conference in Denver (hence, "touching down on the tarmac at the airport") where he was speaking.

And I've only now found time to make a blog entry, because I was so busy last week with making stuff for Michael to take and sell (yes, you can buy copies of our DVDs and so forth - go to our awesome online store for the purposes of purchasing and supporting us in the worst recession this news cycle). But it is a shame I didn't get to post some stuff last week, because loads of things happened.

(Big shout out to Diane of the De Teum blog, for finding a lot of this story).

Bishop Martino of Scranton, PA has issued a second letter to Sen. Bob Casey. I consider this to be i) awesome and ii) a bit naive (really, Bishop? What makes you think a Democrat Senator can actually read?)

Anyway, when I am not being sarcastic, this story is a classic example of everything that we need in the Church today - Bishop Martino is not just saying something from the pulpit and in general pastoral letters; he is getting right in the evil, baby-killing faces of these "people" and telling them the way it needs to be. Bishop Martino sent one letter (as discussed elsewhere in this fine blog) which the Senator appears to have ignored. So, the Bishop has sent another letter which is firmer than the first - and has also issued very clear orders about who is to be given Communion and who is to be denied Communion.

Taken together, these two documents (read all about them here) make it very clear indeed that Sen. Cassey will not be recieving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in Scranton until he changes his support for murder.

Good on Bishop Martino!

Expect further updates on the pro-life front, as well as some crazy rationalization, later on today!

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