Friday, January 23, 2009

"Mexico City" policy reversed

Well, it had to happen sometime.

President Barack Obama has, after repeatedly promising during his campaign rhetoric to take actions which will reduce abortions, has now rolled back the so-called "Mexico City" policy - which restricts what federal money can be used for. Specifically, President Obama now allows the use of federal funds to pay for abortions overseas.

Maybe I am just obtuse, but how does this help reduce abortions? Unless by "reduce abortions" he means "make the number of USA abortions look smaller by making something else bigger"? You know - that never worked when I was a kid; when I messed up my brother's room my parents never thought that my room was tidy.

It just seems to me that this policy is basically the USA going into foreign countries and paying them to kill their children. That seems a little, well . . . harsh. Bloodthirsty, you might say.

Anyway, we have a great little video about a related topic! So, why not check it out?

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