Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"We only have 1.2 million customers . . .

. . . and most of them are repeat customers, but we still need a bail-out!"

That seems to be what the abortion industry is saying. Now, regardless of your personal views on the various "bailouts" and "economic stimulus packages" and TARPs and so forth currently going through Congress, you have to admit that only businesses in serious need should get money (if anyone should get it at all).

A business which is only GROWING, has 1.2 million customers a YEAR and who ALREADY gets government support (i.e. your tax dollars!) shouldn't be going to Washington to get more money.

And yet, it seems as if they are.

Alright, how does that work, then? Economically, you are in a great position - you have 4000 customers a day. You don't have to bother with pesky things like liability insurance (because you are TRYING to kill your patients) and you are government funded. Perhaps this is why the abortion industry kills so many mothers each year - because "it's close enough for government work"?

And yet you STILL want more? I would call that greedy.

ANYWAY - click the above link! Click the above link and find out how you can write to your elected representatives to urge them to block this legislation and (at the very least) not give Planned Parenthood ("Baby Murders R Us" as they are sometimes known) and the rest of their ilk MORE money.

Remember; President Obama wants to reduce abortions. Well, I think that him blocking this Bill (or at least using his influence to remove the pro-abortion aspect of it) would be a good way of doing that.

Lest we forget; the government pays for abortions. So, if we can pay for LESS of them, then less will happen! That is simple logic! If President Obama really wants to reduce abortions, perhaps he should start by stopping paying for them to happen!

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