Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hopefully we'll be surprised

Astute readers will remember that (then) Senator Barack Obama promised that the "first thing he would do" when he was President was sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) into law.

Thankfully, this was just another one of his lies. But, it is probably the case that he will sign it into law just as soon as he can - which is depressing. We hope we will be surprised and he won't sign it into law; but I think that - if he gets the chance to - he will.

FOCA is an act which is . . . well, this video (albeit rather basic and primitive) explains it very well. This video was found on YouTube.

FOCA is an act which will establish a legal right to abortion at any time for any reason. It removes ALL things that can be used to reduce abortion.

Remember! President Obama says that i) he is for reducing abortions and ii) that he wants to remove all restrictions. These are two positions which normal human beings would normally say are incompatible, that a person who holds one cannot hold the other. Or, that a person who says that he holds both is simply a miserable liar with the common decency of a worm (apologies to any vermiform creatures reading this blog with their little wormy eyes for likening your morality to President Obama's).

(Note - this blog's reference to President Obama's morality is used under advisement. It is not intended to necessarily imply that such a thing exists and / or bears any resemblance to what we might call morality.)

Perhaps someone can tell me how this works? President Obama says that he wants to reduce abortions . . . and yet wishes to remove all restrictions on abortions! Precisely HOW does he intend to reduce abortions without making them harder to get? He is making something he wants to be less common easier to get hold of . . . look, I don't understand it. Can anyone explain it to me WITHOUT simply saying that President Obama is a simple flat liar?

If you want to see more information about FOCA - and President Obama's support of it - why not check out this video on our website?

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All Catholics need to fight FOCA - and it is going to be very difficult, and we might not win. But we have to try.

If you have any ideas of how we can fight it, or you have news stories, reports, videos or anything of the sort to be included in "Personally Opposed But ...." - mailto:POB@realcatholictv.com. We're waiting to hear from you!

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