Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Release the Press!

Behold our awesome press-release!

Cool, huh? We broke a story concerning the abortion issue. We have arrived.

Anyway, Mike did a Vortex about this today on - you can check it out here, but why not subscribe and then you can check out all the stuff yourself? It is free or, for merely $10 a month, you can get the cool premium access programming which is literally hundreds of hours of high-quality Catholic video.

In other Nancy Pelosi related news, she and the Pope "did not see eye to eye". Quelle suprise, there . . . .

You know what? I would talk about this - about how Sen. Pelosi needs to get with the program, about how she is ignoring the pastoral letters, about how she lied about Catholic teaching and / or being familiar with it, about how she has obfuscated and hidden the agenda, about how she hides behind the "personally opposed but ..." mantra. There would be a lot to talk about.

But I can't be bothered - I have a taping of The One True Faith to get ready for tonight (hey, if you want FREE TICKETS TO A REAL LIVE TV SHOW!!!!1oneone click here to get them) and my time is valuable. So, it boils down to this;

Nancy (and all the rest of you pro-aborts); get with the program. ONE program. Just one - don't sit on that fence. Get with ONE program. Either be Catholic with all that entails, or be a pro-abort. Don't try to be both.

You sit on that fence too long, you'll get some splinters in some very nasty places.

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