Friday, February 6, 2009

A couple of stories

Two abortion-related news-stories today; first up a 2006 botched abortion hits the headlines. Secondly, Bishop Martino lays into some dude from PA. Oh, right - he's a Senator.

The first story is offered simply because it is a horrible tale that people need to hear and pray about - I mean, come on. That is simply disgusting. That is flat infanticide, nothing more and nothing less. This is the true face of pro-choice.

These people are murderers - quite literally, it seems.

Anyway, Bishop Martino's story is far more upbeat. Sure, it is something that shouldn't have to be said (in an ideal world, bishops should just say Mass a lot and kiss babies - but, then again, in an ideal world we wouldn't need the Church because we'd never have eaten the wretched apple!) but if it needs to be said, it is always good to say it. The link above is to Diane's blog - Diane is a personal friend, and is awesome. She puts her own comments on the letter, and I'm not going to pretend my comments would be any better than hers.

But, the issue I want to focus on is this - Bishop Martino is calling out Sen. Casey for his actions; actions which are directly opposed to both his professed faith (Catholic) and his statements of belief (he claims to support the life of the unborn). This is both the very heart of the "personally opposed" issue, and also a classic example of what bishops need to be doing.

Astute followers of will note that Bishop Martino has appeared on that fine website. In his programs, he talks about important stuff - below is the good bishop talking about a related issue;

A wonderful presentation from the bishop there, and just one of many such presentations we have on on the Shepherd's Voice program. Register today (it's free!) and get access to all sorts of material like this. For only $10 a month, you can get access to literally HUNDREDS of hours of premium programs, too!

And, to finish, let's talk in a somewhat sarcastic way about Senator Casey and his "pro-life Catholic" credentials, because, you know what? I can.

Senator, I don't know you from Adam - well, perhaps I do. Adam at least had to be tempted to eat of the fruit of the tree, you appear to be making entire apple pies and using Federal money to promote them to others. But, I know very little about you - save the fact that you have been formally censured by your bishop for being a fool co-operating with evil. Perhaps you will amend your ways - I sincerely hope and pray that you do.

But if you haven't, then let's have some honesty, shall we, Senator? You say you are Catholic and that you protect the life of the unborn. This, Senator, is a fib. You are about as Catholic and as protecting of the life of the unborn as my cat. And her only claim to being Catholic is that she is called Guadalupe (we rescued her on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe) and tries to steal my Rosary beads when I am praying. And the only reason she is pro-life now is because there aren't any mice or small birds for her to hunt.

One of these creatures has not been censured for being a bad Catholic

Senator, when you are shown up in basic human decency and adherence to your professed faith by a furry creature who eats kibbles, you know you are doing something wrong. Senator - get with the program.

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