Friday, May 15, 2009

More from the icon of Americana

As we reported (a fancy term when it just means I slammed something out in Blogger, really) a while ago, a Bishop with a supremely American name made a wonderful statement about Obama at ND and the various issues surrounding honoring a "homicidal" (his words, not mine - but only because he got there first) man who supports abortion at a soi dissant Catholic university.

Long link there, I know.

Anyway, some Liberal chap called Dionne wrote an op-ed piece at the Washington Post which was picked by the Sioux City Journal. This article basically said (and, please, read it rather than trusting my assessment, I don't mind) "Ha! In your face, Conservatives! The Pope likes Obama because L'Osservatore Romano says Obama is a-okay!"

Ooooo-kay. Where to begin?

Well, I would begin - but I am called Simon Rafe, which is perhaps about an un-American name as one can get and still be allowed in this fine country (p.s. it is pronounced Ray-f not Ra-fey and it is Old English, not Middle Eastern). Hence, my comments lack the "mom, flag and apple pie" quality I desire to provide here.

Enter like a red-white-and-blue bolt of lightning Bishop R. Walter Nickless of Sioux City!

Yes, Bishop Nickless writes a rebuttal to this poorly researched article where he makes it very clear the words of L'Osservatore Romano are NOT official Church teaching (any more than the op-ed pieces of the Washington Post of NY Times are official policies of the White House - although they usually are . . .) and cannot be treated as such.

An important article I think we should all read, as the matter of L'Osservatore's foolish article is not going to go away. We all need to know how to respond to this.

And for further information on how to better respond to questions about the faith, make sure you check out, where you can get daily news and commentary PACKED with Catholic information!

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