Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yay Ned!

In a recent post, I wrote that the Archdiocese of Detroit had not effectively communicated the stance of their leader, Abp. Vigneron, on the Obama @ ND scandal. I pointed out the only reference to this I could find was in a buried press release on the AoD website. I bemoaned this state of affairs, saying the Communications Director hadn't sufficiently conveyed the (excellent) stance of the Archdiocese.

Well, it appears I must now withdraw any such criticism, because Ned McGrath has now not only communicated Abp. Vigneron's stance clearly to the local newspaper, but has also made a statement of his own (or, perhaps more accurately, said a statement himself in his capacity as Communications Director).

Here is the article and it is good.

Also referenced in the article are Michael Voris and Diane K., so we have three Metro-Detroit Catholics speaking up here, together with Abp. Vigneron (whose voice is not heard directly, but whose opposition is made clear).

This is an excellent thing, and I salute everyone for this clear stance. Seriously, check out Ned's words - those are pretty harsh and very clear. He mocks the words of Obama asking for a fair-minded debate by pointing out Obama's policies have slaughtered the opposition before the debate even began! That is a good tack and a good line, Ned - I applaud it unreservedly. will be covering the Notre Dame protests and other events over the next few days (we had a cameraman down there doing the cameraman thing, together with Mike doing some on-camera work) so watch this space! Or, rather, watch this space.

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