Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're back . . .

. . . but with nothing, alas, new.

Or nothing you haven't been subjected to before.

Sorry we've been away for a while. One would like to say it was because April was a quiet month for people killing babies. Alas, that was not the case. We were just very busy at RealCatholicTV.com with various events and conferences. We went to Chicago, home of Barack "Baby Killer" Obama. We didn't go to see him, of course, but rather to videotape the Institute of Religious Life's annual conference. Great fun! Make sure you subscribe to RealCatholicTV.com to watch the hours and hours of video we shot there, loads of great talks!

Okay, where are we with news you have been subjected to before?

Well, it's a soi dissant Catholic claiming to be "personally opposed" but, in fact, supporting abortion. This is hardly surprising - perhaps I should just write a computer program to create these blog entries for me? Just plug in the name of the pro-choice Catholic, add a few sarcastic jokes, randomly italicise one or two words in the piece, put in a few links to articles and we are done!

Hmm - I think that would remove the human element. Which is precisely what Kathleen Sebelius wants to do.

(Effortless segue there, you can thank me later.)

Okay, the news that Kathleen Sebelius is a lying little weasel who tells huge great big whopping fibs about her sources of income is hardly new news. In case you have been living in a case (or hermetically sealed bubble to avoid the swine 'flu) let me bring you briefly up to speed.

Kathleen Sebelius is a lying little weasel who tells huge great big whopping fibs about her sources of income.

Erm, that's about it. She lied about how much money she got from abortionist George "Tiller the Killer" Tiller. She lied to the Senate by a factor of about three.

(On another note, I just love the way practically everyone whom Barack Obama nominates to a position has some sort of financial irregularity in their past or present. This is awesome. I think this shows a real dedication to . . . . something. The old fashioned principles of Chicago, perhaps? With apologies to anyone from Chicago who is not part of the Cook County Democratic Party (aka The Chicago Machine) or part of Al Capone's old bootlegger chums.)

(Oh, I feel a YouTube video coming on . . .)

(Note, I am NOT posting this video as anything other than a vaguely comedic interlude. I am certainly not advocating violence against anyone, especially not Sebelius, Obama or any other pro-choice politican. I condemn all forms of violence. I have to say that because of STUPID laws which trample over free-speech in this country.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, George "Tiller the Killer" Tiller gave money to Sebelius and she lied about it.

This is not really news - a politician lying? But, it is something I would want to discuss - if you are taking money from this chap, Kathleen, why hide it? Seriously - if you think abortion should be legal (as your party platform states, and you own voting record supports) why are you embarrassed about or hiding this payment? I mean, abortion is legal, right? It's not as if you are taking drug money or money from an old Nazi selling soap, right? This is legal and fair and part of your platform? Why hide it?

Answer - because you know it is wrong, and you know people will be shocked and horrified you are linked to a man who carries out late-term abortions. You know you are so far off the main stream you are out in the desert of wacky liberal looniness. Population: You and the rest of the people with financial irregularities.

(You know it was tax fraud that brought down Capone, right?)

Anyway, this is not news - and what I am about to reveal is nothing you haven't seen before. But, here is anyway.

In Fort Mill, SC (smalltown America at its best!) we find this newspaper with this article. I am giving coverage to them because I like small town America. I would link to a Rodney Atkins song, but I already have one odd YouTube clip here and two would be a bit much.

In this article, we find this GEM of a line from our old friend Kathleen;

"I am personally opposed to abortion, and my faith teaches me that all life is sacred," Sebelius, a Roman Catholic, said in written answers to Finance Committee questions.

That word again - personally opposed. Yes, I know this is two words - it's called artistic licence.

Can we guess that her record might not match her rhetoric? I'll give you three guesses - the first two don't count.

The Catholic archbishop for northeast Kansas suggested she was trying to make "death marches" to abortion clinics as legal as "the death-marches to the gas chambers of the World War II Holocaust". She wrote a law endorsed by groups such as Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women, which proposed no waiting period before an abortion or requirement that the parent of a minor seeking an abortion be notified first. Anti-abortion legislators maneuvered around her and settled for a law less stringent than they wanted to avoid her continued involvement.

So, this is the woman we have in place as Health and Human Services Secretary. This is the woman defending us against swine 'flu. A woman who lies to the Senate about how much money she receives. A woman who lies about her pro-life credentials. A woman who is, once again, a Catholic In Name Only.

How can we accept this woman in any postion with that sort of record? Even if we ignored her violent opposition to life and the idiot contradiction that implies in the role of Health Secretary, how can we trust someone who just flatly lies about what she believes and how much money she receives? She is a liar and her word is worth NOTHING.

I really have nothing else to say.

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