Friday, May 15, 2009

Internet Archaeology

Did you know the media - even some of the Catholic media - just can't be bothered?

There are some things I can't be bothered with - like, I can't be bothered to make coffee when I don't want any and everyone else does, but they all seem to be just bad at making coffee. Seriously, guys - lukewarm water poured over wet grounds from yesterday doesn't make coffee. It makes . . . I dunno what it makes, but it sure as sunrise ain't coffee.

Ladies and gentlemen, my co-workers. Loyal and faithful, can't make coffee for toffee.

BUT when it comes to reporting important news, we are TOTALLY down with that. Hence and it's FREE daily newscast! Get news! Every day! Catholic News! FREE! Some of my favorite words there (other favorite words are "chortle" and "defenestrate").

According to Diane K of the Te Deum Blog, Archbishop Alan Vigneron of Detroit (that is, our local Ordinary here in the D) made a statement concerning the Obama @ ND scandal. This statement has not (at time of press) been made very clear or open - certainly, I hadn't heard of it, nor had Given the fact we are the people who break stories which happen on the other side of this country this seems to show the piece was buried.

And buried it was. Diane has put on her Indiana Jones hat and gone digging, however! (I would say she put on her Lara Croft shorts, but I know Diane - she has some sense of self-respect and would not dress as Her Grace Duchess Croft "dresses". Actually, if I recall correctly, Diane does own a hat not entirely unlike that of Indiana Jones!)

Anyway, internet archaeology by Diane K!

HERE IS THE LINK, long hidden from the eyes of man and now brought to light by Diane!

So, it seems that Abp. Vigneron HAS made a statement, but the statement is not clear and obvious. The director of communications for the AoD is one Ned McGrath (identified as such on the page linked to above).

Come on, Ned - people have been questioning Abp. Vigneron's stance on this issue because we all thought he was silent! He DID say something! You should have made it clearer - if we missed this press release, you could have made it more obvious!

So, hats off to Abp. Vigneron! Good man, making a clear statement on this matter AND writing to Fr. Jenkins in MARCH! But why didn't I know about this beforehand? It is a great shame people have not recognised Abp. Vigneron's principled stance for what it is (a good thing!) because we simply didn't know about it.

Thanks Diane K for her archaeology! Dum-de-dum-dum, dum-de-dum! Dum-de-dum-dum, dum-de-dum-diddle-de-dum!

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