Wednesday, February 4, 2009


How many people watched Star Trek? I used to love it - until I got older and then I realized that i) some of the later series were really bad (Enterprise) and ii) it was a shockingly liberal, left-wing show which promoted huge amounts of anti-family life without consequences. Seriously, go watch it again . . .

Anyway, who remembers the episode where they go to the alternate dimension and find Evil!Spock? Yes, we all remember that one - Spock's evil twin . . . . who had a beard!

Now, this episode was such a hit that the standard way of showing an evil twin in movies etc. is now to stick a goatee beard on them. Don't believe me? Look at me, disguised as my own evil twin from an alternate dimension!

Where am I going with this? Leading in a roundabout way to a pro-abortion law that you might not have heard of; the "Prevention First Act". Read all about it here.

This act is described as "FOCA's Evil Twin" (ah, you see what I am doing here with pictures of Leonard Nimoy and myself? Yeah. Clever, huh? No? Ah, well, just carry on reading, will you?) This act will make something called "Title X" permanent. Title X is a program which pushes funds towards abortion . . . and removes them from non-abortion methods of birth control (such as, for example, abstinence programs or not having sex in the first place as they are sometimes known.)

So, once again, we have a CLASSIC example of the dichotomy and flim-flam and lies of our elected officials - they say they are NOT "pro-abortion" but are rather "pro-choice". And they are trying to push through an act which will not JUST increase funding for abortion, but will in fact DECREASE funding for non-abortive programs.

Let's use an analogy here; this is like saying "I want you to have a choice of what to put in your sandwiches - so I will be buying more peanut butter and jelly, and buying much less cheese." Methinks that in this situation I would be taking a lot more PB&J to work in my little brown bag, no?

This is insanity, oh people on The Hill! Saying you want "choice" and actively promoting something is hypocritical. Saying you want "choice" and actively promoting something and reducing availability of alternatives is hyper-hypocritical. This is such a ludicrous situation that even I am at a loss to come up with some kind of humorous metaphor which will neatly encapsulate this.

The "Prevention First Act" is described as "FOCA's Evil Twin", as I mentioned above when I was trying to shoehorn in Leonard Nimoy and my new beard into the post, and I must admit that really takes some doing. How bad does something have to be before it makes FOCA look like the good sibling you could take home to mom?

Answer - as bad as the "Prevention First Act". FOCA removes restrictions on abortions - but the PFA drags money away from non-abortive methods and gives it to abortion. It's not as obvious, and it might sneak under the radar. That, in my book, makes it worse than FOCA, and we need to fight it.

So, I tell you of this act - and advise you to contact your lawmakers and tell them to oppose it. I also offer this awesome newscast from where we talk about the law in question. The relevant story starts around 1:20; take a look;

You can watch news like this every day, together with loads of other videos by going to and registering for a free account. It's great - everyone cool is doing it.

And if you are wondering why I grew a beard so I could look like my alternate self . . . . well, you'll just have to register for's premium service! It's for a show on there, and it is going to be superfly awesome like everything else we do. Premium registration is only $10 a month - which is about the price of three fancy-schmancy coffees with silly pseudo-European names (I'm from Europe - we call it "coffee" over there, buckaroo). And the best thing? You never have to worry about us promoting an anti-life agenda!

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Good!Spock would find it most logical.

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