Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Way Out West ....

Well, not really way out West for those of you west of the Mississippi, and certainly not way out West for those of your in the Mountains. In fact, east for those of you living in the moral horror of the Left Coast.

But, for us chaps over here in the Midwest and on the Eastern Seaboard (and, to be fair, pretty much everywhere else in the world) what happens in North Dakota and Arizona is way out West.

I absolutely love "the West", as a completely pointless aside. I really do. My dad raised me (an Englishman!) on both kinds of music (Country and Western) and I have always loved the cowboy image. Okay, it's a parody and a cliche idea - but I do have family in Arizona. And here is a picture of me in Scottsdale sporting my stylish Western duds.

Total dude ranch, I know.

Where was I? Oh, yes - The Dakotan Personhood Amendment. As covered in our sister blog, the North Dakotans love Why? Because people from North Dakota are awesome, obviously. They are awesome because they pass stuff like this personhood amendment - and that awesomeness leads them to like the best Catholic video site EVER, which is us.

So, the legislature of the Roughrider State has passed this bill - or, rather, it has passed the Lower House and is moving into the Senate in a couple of weeks - which defines a child in the womb as a human being. This gives said child the legal protections normally afforded to humans. In case you missed the point of this; it is generally considered illegal to burn a human being alive with saline or drag his dead body about after sucking out his brains. You can read a lot more about the amendment here at this website the guys and gals from ND have set up.

It still has to clear the Senate - so if you are are North Dakotan, take time out from being cool and write to your State Senator and urge him or her to pass this thing, please!

Good news there on the pro-life front.

And in other news from way out West, there is a cause to publicly demonstrate in Phoenix, AZ about President Obama's policies to kill as many babies as humanly possible (I'm getting editorial, sorry). If you are in Arizona and you can spare the time from just hanging out and enjoying the fantastic beauty of the State, why not go and demonstrate? It should be nice in Phoenix right now.

So, that is my pro-life news update. Dakota and Arizona, two favorite States of mine. Normally, what with distance and everything, I don't get to see them as much as I would like. But, when they are in the pro-life news - hey, everyone is a winner.

And Arizona is the setting for next week's NCIS, which I think is great. The trailer for next week's episode suggests it features Ziva on a horse (always good) and - even more awesome - Gibbs shooting down a helicopter with a lever-action rifle.

That is awesome. But not even close to the North Dakotan Personhood Amendment. If Gibbs was from North Dakota, he wouldn't even need the rifle.

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