Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your Point, Mister President, Appears To Have Exceeded Your Grasp

I don't really know where to begin with this one. Let us begin with the words of the Commander in Chief of the United States of America;

Click here for the video - relevant section begins at about 2:55.

Hey, you know - I got nothing.

President Obama says that "no God condones the taking of innocent life"? This would be the same Barack Obama who says that he doesn't know when human life begins (it is "above his paygrade")?

And the same Barack Obama who supports the right to abort babies in the womb?

My God, Mister President! If you are going to admit that you are an ignorant fool who was asleep during biology class when we were taught that life begins at conception because when else could it begin, you doofus? and ALSO state that God does not condone taking of an innocent human life, perhaps you should err on the side of caution and not support the killing of something which you admit MIGHT be human life?

This is - if you will permit me an analogy - like having a live grenade you need to dispose of, and having a laundry chute to drop it down. You don't know if there are people at the end of the laundry chute folding towels and chatting about last night's American Idol, but you think there MIGHT be. And you are too stupid and lazy to look.

Do you; a) avoid dropping the grenade down the hole or b) drop the grenade down the hole and call it a woman's right to choose? After all - who wants to be punished with a washerwoman and her laundry-folding friends?

Mister President - you are a shocking fool at best. You are an evil hypocrite of the worst order, and only little wit can excuse you. You claim to be a man of faith who believes in SOME KIND of God, and state that NO GOD condones taking innocent life. And you've also said that you don't know when life begins.

Being an idiot does not get you off the hook for murder, Mister President. Perhaps that knowledge was above your paygrade too.

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